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Corridor Elephant
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Damian Siqueiros Photography


Corridor Elephant

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Beauty has for long been shunned out from art (the serious kind, of course!).
The sublime took its place for a while and then Conceptual art took over and
the focus was shifted to the «idea» rather than the vessel of the message.
Maybe I’m too much of a hedonist, but I like the form for sensual cognition
and experience to be as powerful as the idea. For me beauty is not ornamental,
it is a tool.

I believe something that is aesthetically pleasing can help establish a
conversation with a reluctant public; it can soften the message for people to
be more receptive. Beauty can also have a cathartic effect by creating a deep
emotional connection and release by the spectator. It is important to keep in
mind that as a part of my formal research, one of my goals is to broaden the
concept of what beauty is; It is not static, but one it evolves with time.

These constantly changing aesthetic standards are a reflection of the specific
ideologies that produced them. Using the style of a particular era is also,
implicitly, revisiting those ideas. In my work I use this process of conscious
appropriation to tie in an historical perspective to contemporary issues.

Beauty, also acts as an instrument to master and exploit the transformative
power of art. For example, trough beautification we can change the perception
of a forgotten space or change the space itself to reclaim it.

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